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Geometry : How Many Sides Does A Hexagon Have and Its Facts

How many sides does a hexagon have? 6 or 7? Do not confuse yourself with hexagon and heptagon. They are both polygons indeed and does have different number of sides. Hexagon, comes from the Greek word ‘hexa’ which means six while heptagon is derived from the Geek word ‘hepta’ that means seven.

Hexagon is an example of a polygon. Where polygon traditionally means a plane closed figure which is composed of line segments that connects every edge or sides. Polygon comes from the Greek word, ‘polus’ means much or many and ‘gonia’ means corner or angle.

Hexagon may either be convex or concave. If a hexagon is said to be convex, the sides are of the same length also known as equilateral. Thus, it is a regular hexagon. To identify how many sides does a hexagon have, just count the line segment or sides that makes it as a whole closed figure.

A good example of a hexagonal figure is the shape of the honeycomb and try also looking or searching in the internet, the figure inside a gear is a hexagonal one. A snow flake is also an example of a hexagonal figure which apparently has 6 sides. It is very easy to identify the sides of a hexagon.

By simply looking at its segments, you can easily count for the sides. You can form different shapes and polygons with hexagon. A cube can be drawn out by connecting 4 points with 3 line segments. One point is at the center and the rest are found on the hexagon’s sides and this is called as petrie polygons.

There are also what you called Prismoids. Hexagonal prism and hexagonal anti-prism are the examples. Hexagon can also form 3 tessellations. The first is a regular tessellate with hexagonal symbols having 3 hexagons around each vertex. The second tessellate is made possible by truncated triangular structures with 1 of 3 hexagon colored uniquely.

The third and last tessellate is formed by 3 colorful hexagons around every vertex. Make sure to identify the difference between the kind of polygons to avoid mistakes in classifying what kind of plane figure it is. This article have taught you on how many sides does a hexagon have and now you should be already familiar of it.