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How Many Sides Does A Polygon Have

The question on how many sides does a polygon have actually depends on the kind of polygon. Polygon came from the words ‘poly’ and ‘gon’, which means ‘many’ and ‘angles’ respectively. A figure with many sides is therefore called a polygon. A polygon can have more than three but finite sides. A polygon is made up of vertices and its body. Vertices are points where lines meet while the body is the space inside the polygon.

Before discussing how many sides a polygon has, it would be good to present and describe the different characteristics of polygons. Polygons can be characterized based on its convexity, symmetry and miscellaneous. Polygons can be convex and non convex. Polygons with equal angles are called equiangular polygons while polygons where all corners are on a single circle are called cyclic polygons. Rectilinear polygons are those whose sides form 90 or 270 degrees.

Polygons are usually taught in elementary and high school. The question on how many sides does a polygon have can even be answered by these students. If you still on the verge of learning all these, then this might actually help you determine how many sides a polygon have. There are numerous polygons, from polygons with three sides to polygons with fifty or even a hundred sides.

All these are possible and each of them actually has names. Of course, you don’t really need to memorize its entire name for you to pass high school. Still, knowing the basics and the names of polygons with at least 20 sides can be necessary.

Polygons are also characterized based on their sides. This includes Regular polygon, Convex polygon, Concave polygon, Equiangular polygon and Crossed polygon. Polygons are not just seen on textbooks, but are also seen in nature. Notice how your table, notebook, house, computer, television, cell phone and even a piece of rock constitute a polygon. Drawing or constructing polygons are also used in making 3-D characters.

How many sides does a polygon have? Here is a list of the names of different polygons and their respective number of sides.

Name of Polygon Number of Sides
Triangle It has 3 sides
Quadrilateral It has 4 sides
Pentagon It has 5 sides
Hexagon It has 6 sides
Heptagon It has 7 sides
Octagon It has 8 sides
Nonagon It has 9 sides
Decagon It has 10 sides
Hendecagon It has 11 sides
Dodecagon It has 12 sides
Tridecagon/Triskaidecagon It has 13 sides
Tetradecagon It has 14 sides
Pentadecagon It has 15 sides
Hexadecagon It has 16 sides
Heptadecagon It has 17 sides
Octadecagon It has 18 sides
Nonadecagon It has 19 sides
Icosagon It has 20 sides
Triacontagon It has 30 sides
Tetracontagon It has 40 sides
Pentacontagon It has 50 sides

Still wondering how many sides does a polygon have? Wonder no more because all you need to do is read the article and you will know the answer. Make sure to read carefully and know how many sides does a polygon have.